Industrial Wastewater Products

CRUCIAL specializes in products for containment/recovery of floating waste/tramp oils generated in industrial processes or accidental oil spills.  A complete line of oil skimmers (mop, disc, or weir) provide a wide range of recovery capabilities such as help clean a wastewater stream, remove contaminants from coolants and wash water, recover a valuable or reusable product, collect any free floating oils (including petroleum, animal, vegetable and mineral oils) can be used in small sumps, tanks, waste ponds, etc.

Ancillary equipment includes oil sorbents, containment boom, turbidity/silt curtains, containment pools/bladders, and oil spill response packages.

We can Provide:

Industries using our wastewater line of products and equipment include automotive, aviation, food processing, industrial laundries, metalworking, steel mills, chemical plants and refineries.

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