Oil Spill Equipment Products

A Single Source for Oil Spill Products

Because oil spills differ, many products have been developed for the differing conditions.  At CRUCIAL INC., we bring these products together.  So, no matter what oil spill you encounter, our experienced staff can supply both the product and the expertise which bests suits your needs.  Count on CRUCIAL INC. as your single source for proven equipment.

CRUCIAL's range of oil skimmers is sized for a variety of spill requirements.  Skimmers can be trailer mounted or designed for shoreline or marine vessel deployment.

We can Provide:

We Specialize In Custom-Engineered Packages

Rely on CRUCIAL INC. to engineer the right package for you.  We analyze the wide range of factors unique to your situation, including budget, storage requirements, response times, water conditions and logistics.

Our Products are Quality

Skilled craftsman manufacture our equipment to strict standards.  Knowledgeable technicians service your needs.  CRUCIAL INC. also represents manufacturers whose quality measures up to our touch standards.

We Guarantee Value!

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