CRUCIAL, Inc. is the World Leader in Oil Spill Technology

As the leading manufacturer of oil spill cleanup equipment, CRUCIAL, Inc. offers the latest in cleanup technology to ensure the highest recovery rate and the most cost-effective solutions available anywhere. CRUCIAL, Inc.'s coated-drum technology is unsurpassed and achieved our best Oil Recovery Rates during OHMSETT Testing.*

"Coated" Drum and Disc Skimmers

  • Multiplies Recovery Rate by 500% Over Traditional Smooth Drum or Disc Surfaces

  • Tested Extensively Using the Most Current ASTM Test Procedures

  • Achieved Highest Rate of Pure Oil Recovery

  • Efficiencies Ranging from 87% at 400 GPM to 82% at 880 GPM (Pure Oil)

  • This Technology Available in Both Inshore Drum/Disc Skimmers and Large Offshore Skimming Systems

*Actual performance data is retained at the Ohmsett Facility and is available for review upon written request to the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement.
If you have any further questions regarding our products, contact our offices.

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