Oil Spill Equipment Products

Containment Boom

Solid Float

  • Round Float Boom - A round flotation oil barrier with flexible skirt; PVC, urethane, and a variety of fabrics available; with or without top tension

    • Inner Series - for sheltered water - 4" solid round foam floatation
    • Inner Series with top cable
    • Inner Series without top cable

  • Intermediate Series - for lakes, rivers and harbors - 6" /8" /10"solid round float

    • Intermediate Series with top cable
    • Inntermediate Series with out top cable

  • Outer Series - for harbor and rougher water conditions – 12” / 15” round floats

    • Outer Series with top cable
    • Outer Series with out top cable
  • Fence Series - flexible fabric with 2 inch thick rectangular flotation - oil and debris barrier for harbor use; top and bottom tension lines

    • Fence Style – 17” / 25” / 36” overall dimensions

  • Permanent Hardboom - super strong, high tensile belting, closed-cell-filled floats constructed from super durable, high quality ABS plastic

    • Hardboom Style – 18” / 24” / 36” overall dimensions

  • Inflatable Boom - manual or single point inflation containment boom with flexible skirt; PVC, urethane, and a variety of fabrics available

    • Inflatable Boom for harbor, offshore or deep sea applications
  • Storage/ Development Boom Reels

    • Manual Boom Reels - all marine grade aluminum

      • Aluminum construction manual boom reel

    • Hydraulic Boom Reels - all marine grade aluminum or mild steel base construction, hydraulic driven, flow control, gear reducer, counter balance valves, bypass valve

      • Aluminum construction hydraulic boom reel
      • Galvanized steel base with Aluminum spool
      • Diesel hydraulic boom reel (portable)
      • Electric hydraulic boom reel (fixed installation)

    • Trailerized Boom Reels - manual or hydraulic boom reels mounted on single or double axle trailers; optional DOT lighting and fenders

      • Containerized Boom Reels-manual or hydraulic boom reels installed in 10-ft. or 20-ft. containers with optional single or double doors

    • Accessories
      • Towing Bridles
      • Anchor / Buoy Systems
      • Trailerized Boom Reels
      • Inflation Blowers (Backpack; Diesel Powered, etc.)
      • Tide Risers
      • Boom Buoy Lights
      • Magnetic Hull Connectors
      • Boom Storage Boxes
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