Oil Spill Equipment Products

Power Packs

Hydraulic Power Packs – Rugged, portable, wheel or skid mounted diesel/hydraulic power packs designed to provide hydraulic flow for operating a variety of equipment. Units are comprised of single, dual or multiple flow controls to allow the power packs to power a single piece of equipment (i.e., boom reel) and, if required, two (or more) pieces of equipment simultaneously (i.e., skimmer and transfer pump). Diesel hydraulic or electric hydraulic driven units are available.

  • Deisel Hydraulic Powered – Diesel engines are available with manual / electric / air or hydraulic start.

    • Model DHP - 4VVP
    • Model DHP-7GSM
    • Model DHP-10M
    • Model DHP-20
    • Model DHP-40
    • Model DHP-70
  • Electro Hydraulic Powered – Electric motors are available in a variety of voltages, enclosures and configurations.

    • Model EHP-3
    • Model EHP-5
    • Model EHP-7.5
    • Model EHP-10
    • Model EHP-25
    • Model EHP-60
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