Oil Spill Equipment Products


C-14 SERIES – Rugged portable wringer units designed for direct mounting to a 55-gallon drum or other suitable oil collection pan; uses 4" (or 6") diameter mop, which is wrung once during each pass through the unit by two 4" diameter squeeze rollers; recovery rates can reach up to 31 barrels/hr.); for emergency spill response or permanent installation on pits, API separators, storage tanks or holding ponds.

  • Model C-14e (Electric)
  • Model C-14d (Diesel)

C-20 SERIES – C-24 (4” rollers, recovery rates can reach 35 barrels/hr.); C-26 (6” rollers, recovery rates can reach 50 barrels/hr.); C29 (9” rollers, recovery rates can reach 100 barrels/hr.); electric, diesel & hydraulic drive available.

  • Model C-24d (diesel)
  • Model C-26d (diesel)
  • Model C-29d (diesel)

Vertical Mop Systems - Advantages of the vertical mop system includes ease of deployment, high oil/water ratio in recovered product, versatility for set-up from offshore workboats or inshore docks, proven oleophilic mop recovery in a variety of viscosities, mop floats on water to conform to waves in various sea states.

  • MODEL CV-24h (2 ea. mops, 4” rollers)
  • MODEL CV-49h (4 ea. mops, 9” rollers)
  • MODEL CV-89 h (8 ea. mops, 9” rollers)

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